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Memory - I Memory Storage A Memory Stores a Information...

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I. Memory Storage A. Memory Stores a. Information moves progressively i. The world – Sensory Memory – Short-term Memory – Long-term Memory B. Working memory – Baddeley a. Properties i. Phonological rehearsal loop ii. Visuospatial sketchpad iii. Executive control system iv. Episodic buffer C. Sensory Memory a. Information preserved in its original sensory for a brief time b. The sensation to linger briefly after the sensory stimulation is over…in the visual system, an afterimage. c. Auditory/Visual – perceive an afterimage D. Short Term Memory a. Limited Capacity i. Chunking 1. Grouping familiar stimuli stored as a single unit b. Limited Duration i. About 20 seconds without rehearsal 1. Rehearsal a. The process of repetitively verbalizing or thinking about the information E. Long Term Memory a. How knowledge is organized
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i. Clustering 1. The tendency to remember similar or related items in groups ii. Conceptual hierarchy 1.
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