eng 223 002 Study Guide Exam1

eng 223 002 Study Guide Exam1 - 1. Know the authors and...

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1. Know the authors and titles of the works we’ve read. 1. The White Guard: Mikhail Bulgakov http://www.sovlit.com/whiteguard/ 2. We: Yevgeny Zamyatin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_(novel) 3. The Carpenter’s Pencil: Manuel Rivas http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1585672831/ref=pm_dp_ln_b_3/103- 4. Antigone: Jean Anouilh http://www.sparknotes.com/drama/antigone/summary.html 2. Be able to identify the major characters: The White Guard Alexei: Member of the Turbin family. 28 year old doctor who had just returned from the war. He and Myshlaevsky joined Karas’ Mortar Regiment and he becomes the regimental medical officer. Monarchist who severely wounds his left arm. The doctor administers morphine when he becomes delirious and has a high fever. The way his wounded his arm was when he was spotted by some of petlyrua’s men and chased him. They shot at Alexei and he fired 6 of his 7 shots. He was rescued by a woman and later developed typhus. He began dying on December 22 (chapter 18). Elena prays and Alexei regains consciousness. By February 2 nd , he was well enough to see patients. He visits Julia’s house, the woman who rescued him from Petlyura’s men and kisses her many times on the cheeks. Elena: Turbin daughter of the age of 28. Wife of Sergei Talberg. Disgusted with the Germans who should have taken care of Petlyura a long time ago. She is very well liked by Shervinsky. Although she misses Talberg, she realized that she never truly respected him. Worries about her brother. When Alexei was dying, she prayed for a miracle and astonishingly, Alexei regained consciousness. She received a letter from her friend explaining that her husband, Talberg, is going to re-marry and move to Paris. She was very upset by this letter. Nurturing, maternal, faithful Nikolka: Turbin son, age 17½. He was an officer cadet who was turned out of his academy before graduation. He became the corporal in charge when his commanders did not return from headquarters. He witnessed the death of Nai-Turs. While fleeing, he is grabbed by a red- headed janitor who is aware that Nikolka is a cadet. After attempting to shoot the janitor, he bashes in his teeth and runs away to find that he is trapped. The Janitor alerted Petlyura’s men and they began to fire at Nikolka. He escapes with bloody fingers. He finds Nai-Turs family and explains the death Vasilisa: An engineer who lives in the apartment below the Turbins. Hides money and plans on using the counterfeit money as cab fair. He
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eng 223 002 Study Guide Exam1 - 1. Know the authors and...

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