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Hi252 Final Exam Review

Hi252 Final Exam Review - OVERVIEW FOR ENTIRE COURSE I...

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OVERVIEW FOR ENTIRE COURSE I. 1890-WW1: Period of Dramatic growth and change A. Chicago World’s Fair: 1893—highlights the themes of excitement and anxiety over all the changes in the world (technology, values, family) B. Main Events/Trends: 1. Industrialization: entire century is about coping with the dramatic changes 2. Urbanization: brought on by industrialization; less need for labor on farm, more need for labor in cities; lots of opportunities and lots of problems (leads to the call on government to solve the problems) 3. Spanish American War and Imperial Surge a. Caribbean (Panama Canal, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico); Philippines (open up the Chinese trade market) b. US joins the concert of Europe and becomes a global power C. Main Impact: turbulence 1. Populism (farmers) and Progressivism (urban): both groups trying to make world better and call on government to step in 2. setbacks for civil rights (ex. Wilmington 1898) 3. increased militarization (comes with US becoming a global power and a better arms industry) 4.
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