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Quiz 1 1. Taliban: a. head of American forces in Iraq b. progress is being made 2. David Patraeus a. American General commanding coalition forces in Iraq and the strategist chiefly responsible for the military surge of the last few months 3. Protective Democracy a. An argument for popular control of government because it seeks to insure the preservation of individual liberty 4. Parliamentary Supremacy a. A government system without separation of powers in which the leader of the parliamentary party or majority party is also automatically the head of the executive branch 5. Majoritarianism a. Majority rule with minority rights. 6. Huntington’s IvI Gap a. Refers to the difficulty of making out institution conform to the demands of our ideals creating a gap between what we practice and preach
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Judicialization of politics a. The top role of the courts in settling policy disputes because the inability or political unwillingness of the other branch to resolve them 8. Lochner era a. A period in the latter 19 th century and early 20 th century when the supreme court showed “judicial activism” to benefit conservatives by voting legislative actions as child labor laws 9. Political Accountability a. The mechanisms by which the ruled can respond to decision makers output to support them when they reward and replace them when they deprive 10. Divided Government a. Condition existing when one party controls the executive branch and another the legislative, can produce political gridlock....
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