Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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University of California, Berkeley - College of Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Science Division Spring 2004 J. Kubiatowicz CS152 - Computer Architecture and Engineering Homework Quiz #4 Solutions 1. [1 point] One. On a taken branch, the inst after the branch must be flushed from the IF/DE stage. 2. [2 points] Control must assert IF.FLUSH when the current inst is a branch and the comparator indicates that the branch should be taken. Note that we took off a point if you did not mention that the behavior depends on the comparator. The IF.FLUSH signal will zer out the instruction to be flushed.
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Unformatted text preview: Either by translating the inst into a nop, or marking the instruction as invalid. 3. [1 piont] No forwarding path to comparator for branches. 4. [2 points] No. The forwarding problem relates to how instructions before the branch propagate their values to the branch. The delay slot addresses how instructions AFTER the branch are fetched. 5. [4 points] The easy way is to add forwarding logic to the values that are used by the comparator. This will almost certainly cause an increase in the critical path, however....
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