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Research Paper- Thelma and Louise - Rochester 1 Molly...

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Rochester 1 Molly Rochester November 27, 2006 Media and Persuasion Needle/Worthy Thelma and Louise : A Different Kind of Vacation This movie has a lot to do with gender relations, in the sense that the main characters go through a series of important and life changing events that subtly depict feminism. In 1991, when writer/director Ridely Scott (“…the most influential British director of the past decade has probably been Ridely Scott…”) (Cook 582) gave our society the movie Thelma and Louise , some men think of women as just sexual objects, while others respect them and treat them well. On the other hand, women sometimes see men as a piece of meat as well as having respect towards them. This movie proved that theory due to the many examples of feminism and gender relations that are portrayed throughout the entire movie of Thelma and Louise (Scott, 1991). The movie begins when Louise invites Thelma, an unhappy and emotionally abused housewife, to go fishing in her, Louise’s, co-worker’s lake house. Thelma’s obnoxious husband never lets her go anywhere any of the time, but fed up after he yells at her, for yet again, no reason, she goes anyway. Along the way, the two stop at a bar because Thelma never got to go out and she wanted to have some fun. Thelma has an innocent flirtation with a man, but things get out of hand when he attempts to rape her in the parking lot. That degrades her even more than she already felt but at the same time that story seems to empower Thelma at the same time. That is ironic in the sense that
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Rochester 2 even though a man is trying to rape her and degrade her in that manner, she still seems to learn from that experience and it builds her up. It builds her up because she realizes that she cannot let men overpower her and take advantage of her like she used to do. That theory is proved through the course of the movie through many of the stories and things that are done and accomplished by both Thelma and Louise. Louise, at first, has no interest in settling down with her boyfriend, Jimmy, but by the end of the movie, after he proves his love for her by doing a huge romantic gesture for her, she wants to marry him but realizes that she, in fact, cannot because she has no choice but to continue running away from the law enforcement that is out to get her and Thelma. Louise intervenes with a gun in hand, and he backs off. As she and Thelma are leaving, the guy becomes verbally abusive and insulting. An enraged Louise, who turns out to be a former rape victim, shoots and kills him, even though she could have walked away. Thelma is horrified but will not abandon her friend, and the two take off in Louise’s car. From witnesses, the police piece together information about who may have been involved. On the run and out of money, due to a hitchhiker they picked up (he and Thelma have a one night stand and then he steals what little money they had), the girls stop at a gas station. Unknown to Louise, Thelma goes in and robs it, making her a full-blown criminal. While heading for Mexico,
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Research Paper- Thelma and Louise - Rochester 1 Molly...

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