FINAL SO LONG A LETTER - Gordon 1 Caty Gordon Prof....

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Gordon 1 Caty Gordon Prof. Clarence Tweedy III English 206 18 February 2008 Ramatoulye Fall’s voice alleviates the change between ethnic tradition and colonialism by allowing her to divulge her emotional struggle and anger at Moudou, her late husband, and her former submissive role as first wife. Ramatoulye’s voice is the agency by which she finds self-empowerment to turn down suitors after he husband’s death, which opposed customary social practices of remarrying for financial security but allowed her to recognize her own inner strength as a financially independent woman. As a catalyst to her transformation from submissive first wife in a polygamist relationship, Ramatoulye uses the “master’s tools” in assimilating into Western culture, demonstrated by her attending a picture show in her own company versus with a man, as a means to define her new identity and learns to face ridicule. This use of the “master’s tools” is not problematic, but is instead allows for an easier transition into her financially autonomous self. Ramatoulye expresses her angst at Modou for taking in a second wife, Binetou, and decries her role as first wife and the injustice that it caused her. She wrote of how she'd given Modou twenty-two years of her life along with twelve children and he just decided that he wanted something new and younger. Furthermore, Ramatoulye wrote of her desire to find the
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FINAL SO LONG A LETTER - Gordon 1 Caty Gordon Prof....

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