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Gordon 1 Caty Gordon Prof. Clarence Tweedy III English 206 18 February 2008 Tee undergoes a transformation producing internal conflict of inferiority and alienation marked by her experience at school and in her use of language from local creolisms to British dialogue. This transformation illustrates the class conflicts of her Aunt Tantie, considered to live in the bush lower-class, and her Aunt Beatrice, who is more representative of the middle-class. Throughout her transition into “Cynthia”, Tee is pulled between two distinct cultures – the traditional culture represented by her grandmother and indicative of the Ananse stories she tells Tee, and the European culture she must assimilate into during school represented by her education. She experiences intra-racial conflict when Aunt Beatrice is berating her daughter’s darker skin, suggesting light is closer to white and therefore superior. Essentially, Beatrice marks Tee’s transition into “Cynthia”. The language of Tantie and Beatrice indicates the opposition of their social class differences, the most obvious such opposition being bush and suburban, between which Tee is transferred. While she is living with Tantie, Tee learns raucous local creolisms and a verbal toughness. When she and her friends are “raiding the estate” of an old white man, Tee says she “summoned to my rescue every obscenity I could think of, and let it fly like a machine gun,” (Hodge 58). When she is later reprimanded, Tee’s principal explains that Tantie was accustomed to cursing and that “She would have given the Governor a cussing if he’d looked at her too hard!” (59). When Tee moves in with her Aunt Beatrice she comes across a language
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FINAL CRICK CRACK MONKEY - Gordon 1 Caty Gordon Prof....

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