Assignments TTH (Plan B)

Assignments TTH (Plan B) - ENG102BC: College Composition II...

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ENG102BC: College Composition II Assignment Schedule This assignment sheet lists all of the assignments you will be completing over the course of the semester, so do not lose it! (If you do lose it, however, you can find a copy of this schedule on Blackboard.) More Than a Book Report Our main goal in this class is to produce writing that probes beneath the surface of reality. To this end, you will, over the course of the semester, write a paper that is much more than a simple report on the topic you choose to cover. If I wanted a report of this nature, I’d simply go online and check the Wikipedia * entry for whatever it is you’re investigating. Instead, I want you to write an essay that looks at your subject from a fresh angle, an essay that analyzes you subject in some depth, an essay that says something new about your subject. This essay will give me (your reader) a better sense of why the topic you have chosen matters, what the general public does not know about this topic, what the topic and the “secrets” behind it tell us about life and culture, and anything else you can offer. For (a crude) example, an enterprising student might choose the topic of trash . On the surface, what most of us know about trash is that we put it in a trash can, leave it on the curb, and some men in a truck take it away. Digging deeper, the enterprising student might do some research into what happens to all of the trash that gets taken away. (Where does it go? What happens to it? How much trash do Americans accumulate over the course of a year?) After getting answers to some of these questions, the enterprising student would then start to think about what these answers mean and what they tell us about our culture. Assuming that the enterprising student’s research and analysis uncover problems in American culture, that student might then move on to further research in order to propose viable solutions to those problems. In addition to writing the “big” research paper, I will also ask you to write a series of shorter
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Assignments TTH (Plan B) - ENG102BC: College Composition II...

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