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EXAM 1 GEO - earth is curved spread energy over area poles...

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Physical Geography-- Mr. Brew 2/18/2008 Notes Essay Questions #1 Draw four diagrams. conventional- earth warms up due to sun, air warms, lower pressure, air raises cyclonic- convergence at the surface, low pressure, rises, diverges frontal- cold dry air meets with warm moist air, warm air raises orographic- land barrier in the way of air, is forced to go up, air is lifted and rains on the wayward side, rain shadow on leeward side **at least once, what happens to air when lifted?** Due point is reached > condensation > precipitation. #2 Describe the change in temperature and why the variations occur? warmer temps are in tropics cooler temps in poles what are the causes? tropics gets direct rays, bring more energy> more area
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Unformatted text preview: earth is curved, spread energy over area poles get little energy Oblique rays give less energy than direct> due to curved earth. #3 Break down the earth into bands. Equator? High Temperature, High evaporation rates, Low pressure, air rises = HIGH precipitation (convection) 20-30 degrees? Sub Tropical High Pressure belts > sinking dry air > LOW precipitation Middle Latitude? clashing colder dryer air from polar regions> warmer moister air from the tropics- moderate amounts of frontal precipitation Polar Regions? Low Temperatures, Low Evaporation, High Pressure, air sinking= LOW precipitation...
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