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Notes 2/12/2008 Speech 110 Chapter 1 Soapbox day MCCC- Mr. Goldstein "Ignoring someone is communication." "communication is constant" Terms: electronically mediated communication (E.M.C) -- all communication involving technology. ~~~~Positive: -quick -larger resources -don't have to confront face to face ~~~~Negative: -no face to face communication -message isn't always deleted -spam -message may be misunderstood flaming -- irate emails cyber addiction -- being addicted to an electronic application --Games --Pornography
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Unformatted text preview: --Sports ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ communication context-the physical, social, historical, psychological, and cultural setting in which the communication occurs communication principles- communication is irrevocable. You can never take it back. ~~~~ Example :--you can apologize or you can explain yourself. constructed messages-you think about what you are going to say that benefits the situation...
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