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ENG 102 Syllabus TTH JD

ENG 102 Syllabus TTH JD - English Composition II Instructor...

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English Composition II Instructor: Dr. Marc Schuster Course Number: ENG 102:JD Office: Parkhouse Hall 445 Time: 11:10 to 12:35 Office Hours: MW 10:10 to 11:10 Place: Parkhouse 327 Email: [email protected] Note: This course will involve a lot of work. If you do not complete all assignments and readings on time, you will fail. Required Texts: The following texts are available from the college bookstore: A Writer’s Reference, 6 th Edition with Exercises by Diana Hacker They Say/I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or higher in ENG101 (or equivalent). Course Description: We’re all familiar with the old cliché that you are what you eat. To this notion, allow me to add another: you are what you know . Just as food nourishes your body, information nourishes your mind. Extending this analogy a step further, we might also say that the information you take into your mind has at least as much potential to change who you are as the food you take into your body. Eat ice cream for the rest of your life, and you’ll be in terrible shape; watch nothing but American Idol , and your mind will atrophy as well. And as your mind goes, so goes (I daresay) your character, your identity, your essence—indeed, your very soul. By building, maintaining and continually developing a strong knowledge base, however, you will gain a stronger sense of your own relationship to the world at large, increase your potential for living a more meaningful life, and take great strides toward becoming a lifelong learner. In this course, you will learn to gather, sort and apply information efficiently and effectively so that you can build the strong (and ever-increasing) knowledge base you will need in order to become an effective and consequential citizen of the world. Course Objectives: By the end of the semester, you will be able to: Define and articulate your need for information in different contexts, Access information effectively and efficiently, Evaluate information and its sources critically, Incorporate information into your knowledge base, Put information to good use, Use information ethically and legally, and Understand and explain all of the objectives listed above. Course Requirements: The attached syllabus lists all reading and writing assignments. You are required to complete all of these assignments by the dates listed. In addition to keeping up with these assignments, you will also be responsible for any additional readings and writing exercises I assign, in-class critiques, and regular attendance, all of which are described below. Course Readings: In addition to assigning readings from They Say/I Say , I have also included a
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number of readings or links to readings in the Course Documents/Course Readings file on Blackboard. I have also placed a number of readings on reserve in the library. These readings are not optional. Read them when the syllabus says to do so.
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ENG 102 Syllabus TTH JD - English Composition II Instructor...

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