Organizational Structure and Design

Organizational Structure and Design - Organizational...

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Organizational Structure and Design 1. Organizational Design a. Definition i. Defining and coordinating organizational structure elements 1. an architectural task b. Purpose i. Create a design to coordinate organizational tasks and motivate people to achieve objectives c. Challenge i. Choose appropriate levels and effective differentiation and integration ii. Coordination of org activities iii. Determining who will make decisions iv. Deciding how strictly the org will control employee activities v. Influencing the informal personal relationships that develop between employees regardless fo the formal structure set forth on an org chart 2. Organizational Structure a. Definition i. Distribution and arrangement of interlocking roles 1. Created by building what the architects designed. ii. Based on a system of interlocking roles b. Challenges i. Authority ii. Control iii. Sub-units iv. Vertical differentiation v. Horizontal differentiation vi. Integration vii. Centralization viii. Formalization 3. Design and Structure Impact a. Physical appearance of organization b. Nature of jobs c. Efficiency of organization d. Effectiveness of organization e. Relationships with other organizations f. Nature and quality of work experience g. Organizational culture 4. Differentiation (division of labor) a. Definition i. Allocation of people and resources to takes ii. Establishment of task and authority relationships b. Identifies set of organizational tasks c. Divides tasks into jobs, departments, divisions d. Assigns authority and authority relationships i. In a simple org differentiation is low bc the division of labor is low ii. In a complex org differentiation and division of labor is high.
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5. Org Roles a. As the division of labor increases in an organization, managers specialize in some roles and hire
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Organizational Structure and Design - Organizational...

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