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Organizational Strategy - Organizational Strategy 1....

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Organizational Strategy 1. Business Strategy Diamond a. Staging What will be our speed and sequence b. Economic Logic How will returns be obtain c. Differentiation How will we win d. Vehicles How will we get there e. Arenas Where will we be active 2. Strategic Planning a. Positioning the organization within its environment 3. Strategic Plan a. Provides a long term vision and focus for the organization b. Includes: i. Mission statement ii. Vision statement iii. Strategic objectives iv. Operational plans 4. Planning Levels a. Organizational establishes mission for an entire organization b. Unit segment of an organization with a distinct mission, external market, and strategy for dealing with that market c. Functional comprehensive plan showing how management intends to guide a particular functional area, such as marketing, finance, or production within a business unit d. Any identifiable organizational component 5. Strategic Management Styles a. Entrepreneurial style i. One person typically the founder of the organization develops plans based on personal beliefs, experiences, and intuition, which often involve substantial uncertainty and risk b. Adaptive style i. Sometimes called the science of muddling through, managers move an organization forward timidly, defensively, and through a series of small steps ii. Appropriate when mission can not be changed c. Planning style i. Develop a comprehensive organizational plan 6. Benefits of strategic Planning a. Facilitates organizational effectiveness b. Improves systematic behavior c. Reduces guesswork on decisions d. Keeps focus on the mission e. Encourages consideration of more alternatives
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Organizational Strategy - Organizational Strategy 1....

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