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Musc 118 Final Exam Terms

Musc 118 Final Exam Terms - accompaniment Italian songs in...

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Musc 118 Final Exam Terms Polychoral music - When two or more groups of singers sing in alternation Stile Concertato - a genre or a style of music in which groups of instruments or voices share a melody, usually in alternation, and almost always over a basso continuo Modal Music- Music that is written using one of the modes Tonal Music- Music that is based off a key or tonic. Has a key signature. First Published Dynamics; Orchestration- Sonata pian e forte Florentine Camerata- A group of humanists, musicians, poets, and intellectuals in late Renaissance who gathered to discuss and guide trends in the arts, music and drama Le Nuove Musiche(1602)- a collection of madrigals and songs for solo voice and basso continuo by Giulio Gaccini earliest significant example of music written in the early baroque style in the style of the seconda prattica Monody- a solo vocal style distinguished by having a single melodic line and instrumental
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Unformatted text preview: accompaniment. Italian songs in the early 17 th century Aria-a self-contained piece for one voice with orchestral accompaniment Recitative-a style of delivery in which a singer is allowed to adopt the rhythms of ordinary speech. Figured Bass-music notation used to indicate intervals, chords, and non-chord tones in relation to a a bass note. Basso continuo-played continuously throughout a piece, providing the harmonic structure of the music. Madrigal-a setting for two or more voices or a secular text (Usually in Italian) Third Relation-the bass moves in thirds Chromatacism-use of chromatics Passacagilia-a dance musical form Rirornello Form-returning form ( return to the original theme) Tasto solo-play only bass notes in continuo...
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