CS381 Syllabus

Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (2nd Edition)

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CS381: Introduction to Theory of Computing Fall 2007 [ Location ] [ Announcements ] [ Course Staff ] [ Office Hours ] [ Textbook ] [ Grading ] [ Exams ] [ Concepts ] [ Homework ] Location M W F 9:05--9:55 am, Hollister B14. Announcements [December 11, Tuesday] Solutions to old final exams are now available online. Before reading them, please read the disclaimer, which appears on the first page of the document. They are available at Old Finals Solutions. [December 11, Tuesday] Final exam from last year (Fall 2006) is available now. See the Exams sections. [December 06, Thursday] Prof. Hopcroft's office hour for Friday, December 07 (1:30-- 2:30) has been cancelled. Please email Prof. Hopcroft or Yogi if you need to schedule an appointment. [December 05, Wednesday] Griffin's office hour today is cancelled. [November 30, Friday] There are no office hours today. Prof. Hopcroft will resume office hours next week as sched. [November 21, Wednesday] There are no office hours this week after Prof. Hopcroft's office hour on Wednesday 11--12. Homework 12 is online. It is due November 16. Professor Hopcroft's Office Hours are cancelled today - 11/5/07 - due to illness. Homework 11 is online. See the homeworks section below. It is due on November 09, Friday. Solutions to prelim 2 are online (via CMS). There is a review session for Prelim 2 on Wednesday 10/31, 6:30--8:00pm. Room number: to be announced (somewhere on the second floor of Upson). Solutions to all homeworks are now available via CMS. Here are some extra office hours for prelim 2 during the week of 10/29--11/02. o Tuesday: 12:00--1:00 (Aaron) o Thursday: 4:30--5:30 (Griffin) [October 26 (Friday)] Homework 10 is available now. Note that it is due on Monday (November 05), not on Friday (November 02).
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[October 26 (Friday)] Professor Hopcroft is out of town next week (week of 10/29-- 11/02). His office hours are cancelled for the next week hence. There will be more office hours by TAs, which will be announced shortly. [Wednesday, October 10] Ray's office hour for Thursday, October 11 are cancelled. [Thursday, October 04] Solutions to prelim 1 are now available via CMS. Homework 7 is online now. Due on Friday, October 12.
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CS381 Syllabus - CS381: Introduction to Theory of Computing...

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