final review

final review - 1 Weber's law implies that a postal clerk...

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1. Weber’s law implies that a postal clerk who judges by hand whether an envelope needs extra postage will be most accurate when judging a(n) A. extra heavy envelope of 18 ounces. B. heavy envelope of 12 ounces. C. moderately heavy 4-ounce letter. D. lightweight 1-ounce letter. 2. Visitors to a sawmill notice the intense noise immediately upon entering the mill. After 10 minutes there, the noise will be heard _____, according to the principle of sensory adaptation. A. less intensely B. intermittently C. more intensely D. with the same intensity 3. Humans do not see ultraviolet light or infrared light because _____. A. their wavelengths are outside the visible spectrum B. these kinds of light have no hue C. saccadic movements prevent us from focusing on them D. the afterimages produced by these types of light do not persist 4. To read the fine print of this test, you are probably centering and focusing the text on the _____ of both your eyes. A. fovea B. ganglion cells C. lenses D. rods 5. Sometimes, after she has been staring at a computer screen for a long time, Jane looks at a blank wall and sees an image of the screen that resembles a photographic negative. Which theory best accounts for this visual phenomenon? A. frequency theory B. place theory C. trichromatic theory D. opponent-process theory 6. In what ways are hormones and neurotransmitters similar to and different from each other? Both are for communication. Hormones are endocrine secreted from glands, and
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final review - 1 Weber's law implies that a postal clerk...

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