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Nutrition homework #3

Nutrition homework #3 - 18 grams 1 cup cooked broccoli 4...

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Christina Persiani Homework #3 Nutrition My male friend weighs 155 pounds or about 70 kg. I figured this out by dividing 155 by 2.2 (155/2.2=70). My friend would need about 56 grams of protein for the day because according to the RDA, they recommend that we take in about .8 grams of protein for every kilogram that we use.(70 kg X .8g=56 grams of protein.) Menu: Breakfast : Grams of Protein 2 slice of whole wheat toast 5 grams 2 TBSP peanut butter 8 grams 1cup soy milk 7 grams Lunch: 1 Tofu Sandwich (2 slices whole wheat bread, 2oz. Tofu) 10.5 grams 1 cup carrots 0 grams 1 medium sized apple 0 grams Snack: 1 medium peach 1 gram Dinner: 1 cup cooked Lentils (made with 2 tsp. oil)
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Unformatted text preview: 18 grams 1 cup cooked broccoli 4 grams 1 cup cooked brown rice 5 grams Snack: 1 cup cucumbers 1 gram __________________ 59 grams 2153 calories Some nutritional concerns for vegans include the amount of calories they take in and the amount of B12, vitamin D, Riboflavin, Zinc and Iron they take in. With the lack of meats and dairy in the diet it is difficult for a vegan to get these nutrients and calories that they need. I have addressed these problems in my diet and picked foods that had higher amounts of calories but still had many nutrients in them. The diet I made for my friend is a healthful vegan diet....
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