Sociology notes week 1

Sociology notes week 1 - ETHNOPSYCHOLOGIES (relative but...

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KEY TERMS -Sociology -Social versus Natural Sciences -Sociological Imagination - The ability to envision how personal matters are affected by public ones -Ontological Security -Ethnopsychologies - Thoughts/beliefs/attitudes/interactions shared within common groups -Obdurate Realities PROBLEM OF TEXT BOOK COSTS? Spheres of influence. .. they are never working in isolation from/with one another . - Economic "New" Editions Software Bundles Political Previous requirements to upgrade - Individual Selling books back Economic Used book market - Cultural Value of books - Technological New technologies Cultural Belief in technology Making the familiar strange - Sociological catch phrase We all think we know something about anything Sociology - take familiar knowledge, throw aside, and look at the issue from a different POV Short term vs. Long term reward "I have to spend $900 on books!" vs. "I have to spend $900 feeding starving children!" Our society's degradation of knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: ETHNOPSYCHOLOGIES (relative but not common sense) SOCIOLOGICAL THINKING-Us, our place in society, others around us-Systematic methods-Based on individual experience-Objective data-Not necessarily factually based-Historical-Individualism-a cultural belief in the value and efforts of individuals-individuals are solely responsible for their thoughts and actions-" [Individualism is] one of the most beautiful fictions we have " -Bryce-Runs contrary to sociological thinking SOCIAL SCIENCE vs. NATURAL SCIENCE-Systematic methods-Systematic methods-Objective data-Objective data-Subjective data-Social realities (change widely-Natural (obdurate) realities (unchanging) 8.31 Common sense - assumed knowledge within a society Put aside our own ethnopsychologies to engage in sociological thinking. PRIVATE (is anything?) PUBLIC Memories Religion Dreams...
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Sociology notes week 1 - ETHNOPSYCHOLOGIES (relative but...

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