Study Guide Exam 1 Biology 2

Study Guide Exam 1 Biology 2 - EBIO 1220-General Biology,...

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EBIO 1220—General Biology, Spring, 2008 Study Guide—Exam 1 Professors Pieter Johnson and Sharon Collinge Note : the exam will focus on the material covered in lectures, which includes elements from your text and additional material. Use the lectures to help you decide what to study from the textbook. I will not ask questions from the book on material NOT covered in lecture. My advice: study the lectures (in detail), using the book to help clarify topics covered in lecture. Throughout : know “Today’s Featured Organisms” and what they signify or represent (i.e., why did I choose them?). Also know the i>clicker questions (and answers). Lectures 2, 3. Phylogeny and Systematics, Chapter 25, pages 491-499 (up to Phylogenetic trees and timing); p. 501-504 (Phylogenetic trees as hypotheses); p. 506- 507 (molecular clocks). Don’t worry about the actual construction of a tree, Figure 25.15 or Section 25.4. The fossil record o Importance of fossils for study of evolution o What are fossils? Where are they from? o Limitations of the fossil record Taxonomy & Systematics o System of classification—Domain, Phylum, etc. (memorize) o Binomial nomenclature o How are species found, described and named? Phylogenetics o Cladistics: how used and what are limitations? o When is a cladogram a phylogenetic tree? What is a clade? o Homology and analogy with examples o Phylogenetic trees—what are they, how are they used, how are they interpreted. What do they not tell you? o
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Study Guide Exam 1 Biology 2 - EBIO 1220-General Biology,...

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