Study Guide Exam 2 Biology 2

Study Guide Exam 2 Biology 2 - EBIO 1220-General Biology...

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Study Guide—Exam 2 Professor Pieter Johnson Note : the exam will focus on the material covered in lectures, which includes elements from your text and additional material. Use the lectures to help you decide what to study from the textbook. I will not ask questions from the book on material NOT covered in lecture. My advice: study the lectures (80%), using the book to help clarify topics covered in lecture (20%). Currently I anticipate getting to the Nervous Systems (Chapter 48) but do not expect to cover Animal Development (Chapter 47). Either way, whatever I cover by Friday will be on the exam. Throughout : know “Today’s Featured Organisms” and what they signify or represent (i.e., why did I choose them?). Recommendation : because most of this section (Animal Form and Function) has focused on the organ systems of the body, you should work to understand relationships among the different systems and their similarities/differences. Chapter 34—Birds and Mammals (beginning of Lecture 12) Material we didn’t finish covering for the last exam What are the major groups? What are the major characteristics of each group? Primate evolution and the rise of humans (James Loudon material) Chapter 40—Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function Section 40.1—Physical laws and the environment o How do physical laws constrain animal form? o SA to V ratio: how does it work? ± When good? When bad? Endothermy vs. ectothermy – know in detail! (Section 40.5) o What are the advantages of being an ecotherm? An endotherm? Section 40.4--Know the concepts of homeostasis, negative feedback, positive feedback Section 40.5—Thermoregulation o What is countercurrent exchange? In what other organ systems do you find it? Chapter 41—Animal Nutrition Section 41.2—What are the essential materials needed by most organisms? o Why do we eat? Nutritional requirements of animals o Amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals o Don’t worry about memorizing Tables 41.1 and 41.2 o What can go wrong with improper nutrition? Digestive system—structure and function o From the burger to the bowl… o 4 stages of food processing (ingestion, digestion, absorption, elimination). Do not worry about details on variation among animals in alimentary canals (Fig. 41.14)
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Study Guide Exam 2 Biology 2 - EBIO 1220-General Biology...

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