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Sample Outline: Sociological Essays I. Introduction a. The point of the introduction is to capture the reader’s attention and to introduce readers to your topic. b. Introductions are usually one or two paragraphs, and must include a succinct summary of what you are writing about. This can be in the form of a thesis statement: In this essay, I will discuss the gendering of food, how this practice reflects social expectations surrounding gender, and how I am affected by and can affect these expectations. c. Now you can arrange the rest of your essay according to this statement. Such as… II. Topical description and examples. a. What do I mean by the gendered nature of food? b. What are some examples of gendered foods? c. Why do we apply social labels like “masculine” and “feminine” to foods, which also have neutral, objective realities? III. Sociological Analysis a. Labeling of foods as “men’s food” and “women’s food” might reflect the different nutritional needs of men and women.
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Unformatted text preview: b. However, it also reflects our dominant ideologies regarding masculinity and femininity. c. Men’s food is tough (see Men’s weight watchers advertisements); women’s food is dainty and nourishing (see Luna bars or Jenny Craig). d. These gender expectations are the felt by people who purchase these products. The public gendering of food personally affects me. e. Conflict theorists discuss gender relations in terms of inequality. Their approach can be used to make sense of the relationship between gender and food and how I feel about purchasing food that is not “manly.” f. This would be a good section to weave in sociological references. Remember, any time you use a sociological concept or term, you must define it and use it. IV. Conclusion a. Restate what you have done. b. Why is this important? ( We can learn from this example how gender roles are created, enforce gender relations, and subverted through individual practices.)...
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