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Unformatted text preview: Christina Persiani Nutrition 12-5-07 Genetically Engineered Foods For my article analysis, I chose an article that was against Genetically Engineered Foods. My article came from The Center for Food Safety. There were many good points that were brought up in the article that made me believe too that Genetically Engineered Foods are unsafe. This article starts off talking about the challenges of genetically engineered foods. Genetically engineered foods are now found just about everywhere. They are found in our grocery stores, our kitchens, and even in the restaurants we eat in. The article defines genetically engineered foods as foods that take the genetic material from one organism and insert it into the permanent genetic code of another. The foods can be any type of food. Some of the examples included in the article were pigs that were given human genes, fish that had cattle growth, and many others. The animals that have been given these genes are now being put on the market all over the world. It gives us the information that just about 70-75 percent of all the processed foods are genetically modified in some way. This in turns tells us that three fourths of the food we eat can have many serious effects on human beings, animals, and the environment. The major place that genetically modified foods pose serious risks is on human beings. Some of these risks include higher risks of toxicity, antibiotic resistance, and even cancer. Genetically modified food can also lead to many environmental risks. Some of those risks included within the article were uncontrolled biological pollution and could even lead to the contamination of non-genetically modified food. If more and more non- genetically modified food is contaminated it could potentially lead to all of our food being genetically modified. The article goes on to describe that Congress has done nothing about these hazardous foods. They have not even addressed the risks of the genetically modified food on humans or the environment. The only regulation of these foods that has been put into place is the twelve different laws that were made way before genetically engineered foods became an issue in our world. However, that is not enough. Many people are still purchasing these foods each year. There is no label on any of the food specifying that these foods do contain genetically engineered foods even though the Food and Drug Administration has found that these foods could have serious risks. Moreover, more and more genetically engineered foods are being approved by these federal agencies and none of them are taking into consideration that they could potentially have very serious risks. ...
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