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Writing 1150 excercise 2

Writing 1150 excercise 2 - Christina Persiani Writing 1150...

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-1 Christina Persiani Writing 1150 1-30-08 Trust There are many words within the English language, but one word that has a lot of value to me is trust. Wikipedia defines trust as “a relationship of reliance.” The ability to be able to rely on a person shows that that person is a true friend. Friendship and relationships of all kinds are based on trust. Without trust, you cannot have a friendship or any kind of romantic relationship. If you cannot trust that the person is being honest then there is essentially no relationship at all. The first time that trust became a factor in my life was when I had my first long term relationship. I always had a difficult time trusting people, more commonly boys, because of the trust I lost in my own father. After I lost trust in my father, I had a hard time trusting boys. I thought that that was how all men were and that I would never find someone I could totally trust with everything. However, when I was in my junior year in high school I met a boy that I could trust.
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  • Spring '07
  • Thought, Interpersonal relationship, long term relationship, Trustworthiness, Christina Persiani Writing

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