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Writing exercise 4

Writing exercise 4 - professors that I have come into...

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-1 Christina Persiani 2-18-08 Writing 1150 Writing Exercise 4 The documentary Declining by Degrees: Higher Education in Trouble, I thought was a very informative film. The film opened my eyes to many things I did not even think about when I came to college. I never thought about the cost of college and the education I get out of it. Coming from out of state I pay almost $40,000 a year and it never crossed my mind that maybe I was not getting the education I should for the amount that I pay. This movie brought up many questions for me like this. Some of my experiences at Colorado have supported the points in the film. One point that was brought up was about the teachings of teachers who have such “good reputations” and their students usually go on to have successful careers. However, many
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Unformatted text preview: professors that I have come into contact with may have good reputations yet, they do very little work. They sit up in front of a huge lecture hall and just read from the book; something any college student can do on their own. They believe that by doing this it’s going to make us successful in our careers, which I believe is untrue. Another point that was brought up in the film was the fact that a bad education is not allowing our country to stay competitive. When I saw this, I did not fully agree with it. I think that we will stay a very competitive country; however, I do not believe that we will stay the most competitive. I think that other countries will become more powerful than we will if we cannot get start educating our students more effectively....
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