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-1 Christina Persiani Writing 1150 Tracy Ferrell 3-10-08 Writing exercise #5 The argument I read for our assignment, dealt with drunk driving and the effects it has on people. I thought overall the argumentation that was presented was good. The author started the article with a story about a friend that was killed in a drunk driving accident. She explains exactly how it happened and how the man was still able to drive after the accident. The article really got to me since it had a true story. It showed me that things like this can happen and we need to stop them. It made me start to think about kids that I know, who have drove while under the influence and how careless it really is.
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Unformatted text preview: It showed me how it could affect someone so much. Another good part of the article was how the author talks about how she has two daughters. She puts in the article that she is not afraid of the way her teenagers drive, but moreover the way other people drive. When the author gave real life situations like prom season and graduation coming up to explain the way she felt, really made the article better. She did not have to put in statistics to get the point across to people. She was able to use the experiences she has been through in life to make very important points....
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