Notes - 1/27 Zero Hour? German Reich Third Reich...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/27 Zero Hour? German Reich Third Reich Unconditional Surrender Zero Hour Germany was founded in 1871 separate states before Napoleon invaded with over 300 states Unification Otto von Bismarck unified Germany and became Chancellor led Germany into 3 wars All German states, except of Austria Second Industrial Revolution takes place in Germany competes with England in a span of 10 years Germany occupies 5 states in Africa To have colonies, you're a world power -Wilhelm War in Europe Total war 1 st women in workplace more men killed Automatic weapons and mustard gas Treaty of Versailles Germany became sole starter of WWI severely punished over inflation Germany was first country out of the Depression Created the Autobahn Turned swamps into crops preparing for next war The seizure of Poland started WWII More damage was done to Germany in WWII than in WWI Firebombings of February 1945 cities were so hot that air caught on fire of houses were unlivable disease reached epidemic proportions average intake was 900 calories a day 1/29 De-Nazification Allied Control Council- 4 powers The Potsdam Agreement- De-Nazification Persilschein Germany no longer had a government Russia, U.S. And U.K were known as the original occupying powers of Germany France later joined the three occupying powers Wartime Plans and the End of Hostilities Peace Conference 2 plus 4 talks were the closest thing to a peace treaty held in Ottawa in 1990 Russia gave up land in Germany Versailles Treaty put to much blame on Germany and a repeat was not wanted France and Britain had to rebuild as well Planning the Occupation European advising council planed the occupation Started with shrinking Germany to pre-1937 borders Allied Control Council four countries based in Berlin all four had to agree for an order to pass Yalta Conference Churchill and FDR convinced Stalin to let France into the 3 Potsdam Conference Russia gave Poland 3 states This lead to the removal of Germany This was believed to be temporary at the time Germany lost of territory Two sessions in June and August '45 Final Boundaries had to wait until peace conference Five D's De-Nazification De-Militarization Democratization De-Centralization De-Cartelization- break into smaller companies Four countries administer and run economy of Germany Reparations Soviets given machinery from West and gave food from the East Allowed Democratic Parties Non-Nazi only applied for hearing, jury decided then given a Persilscheim French demanded Rhineland to be a separate state Extraction of Reparations was biggest difference between three and Russia Russia wanted all German industries and factories Russia seized automobiles, trains and rails Removed quarter of capacity in zone...
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Notes - 1/27 Zero Hour? German Reich Third Reich...

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