Latin America - Northern Europe is gaining power Creole...

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Northern Europe is gaining power Creole Elites are gaining power benefiting from new economy in Latin America Bourbon Reforms extend taxes and increase tributes changed trade to free trade Independence in Mexico and Brazil started with elites wanted social order to stay the same Bajilo population is rebelling Hidalgo marches into Mexico City and is killed Jose Morelos takes over for Hidalgo wants freedom for all executed in 1850 Austin De Iturbide introduced Plan de Iguala tells of Mexico independence and popular demands for independence supported by Royalists and Catholic Church Irurbide declares himself King Mexico goes into depression and loses territory Caudillos military strongmen can control classes 2/9/2009 Brazil Cuba and Chile had easy transition into 20 th century. Led to economic growth Brazil had easy transition into independence Dom Pedro I Gilberto Freye claimed Brazil had a racial democracy “slavery not bad” Slave mortality in Brazil was highest average lifespan in slavery was 7 years Due to the freedom of some Africans, slaves were locked in slave quarters at night Iturbide Dome Pedro I son of Portuguese king goes into exile in 1831 Regency creole elites run city was Pedro I's son is being trained to be leader Pedro II became emperor at age 14, but treated like an 18 takes over in 1840 to 1889 when empire falls once slavery stopped, monarchy collapsed Coronelismo Cuba imperial stronghold in 19 th century offered anything they wanted as long as they stayed Spanish economy boomed allowed to trade with anybody coffee, sugar at first
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given resources to boom with Spanish support population increase is due to importation of slaves over births on island colonial elites are getting rich over new slave colony don't care about independence. No interest in change Ten Years' War two places for exile for Cubans was Tampa and the Dominican Republic doesn't lead to immediate independence forces the planters to pay attention to changes more ushers in the slow demise of slavery planter class is highest group of people Moret Law ended slavery gradually in Cuba freedom to slaves over 60, slaves who fought in the war, slaves of Spanish government In 1886, Spain ends slavery in Cuba this led to questioning reliance on Spain Jose Marti white Cuban nationalist Antonio Maceo mulatto Cuban independence was helped by USA Spanish American War Chile independence movement started in 1810 Indian population was nomadic By 1833, Creole elite developed an aristocratic government Long history of independence How did LA countries build themselves? Pronoucimento- declaration of power in Mexico
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Latin America - Northern Europe is gaining power Creole...

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