MGMT 117 - Progress Report 2

MGMT 117 - Progress Report 2 - Anthony P Hussey Team 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthony P. Hussey - Team 2 Progress Report #2 - December 2, 2008 Harvard Extension School MGMT E-117 Management of People, Technology and Organizations This course has provided a great many insights as to the various components of managing “technology heavy” projects, teams and companies. The impact and management of technology has far greater impact than previously imagined, and the tools and techniques needed to effectively manage in an environment so technically dependent and fast moving so sophisticated and integrated. I could list a great many specific facts I have learned, though I'm not certain it has value here. Above all, I think the perspective and aggregate knowledge absorbed will continue to add to my ability to manage technically focused initiatives. The various perspectives provide by others in the class proved to be insightful in terms of understanding the dynamics at play in “real world” situations. The most recent chapter on innovation at Merck and the level to which it has involved was quite...
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