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University of Southern California Marshall School of Business BUAD 307 Lars Perner, Ph.D., Instructor Marketing Fundamentals Spring, 2008 Name: __________________________ Exam Form: A Exam serial number: __________ MIDTERM II Please: Write your name on this exam. Bubble in your name, ID number, and test version on the Scantron. Leave phone number blank. Bubble in the last three digits of your exam serial number in the “SUBJ SCORE” field. Mark all your multiple choice answers on the Scantron form. Have fun! NO TALKING TO OTHER STUDENTS AT ANY TIME ABOUT ANY TOPIC. ELECTRONIC DICTIONARIES BASEBALL CAPS (UNLESS WORN FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS) TRANSPARENT WATER BOTTLES IF YOU HAVE A PRINT DICTIONARY, YOU MUST HAVE THIS MARKED AND APPROVED BY THE INSTRUCTOR OR A PROCTOR BEFORE THE EXAM BEGINS. You may ask the instructor or proctor to clarify a question. We will do the best we can to clarify questions without giving the answer away. This is not a test of general vocabulary. Feel free to ask about the meaning of non-marketing terms Have fun! Part I: Multiple Choice (2 points each for a total of 40*2=80 or 80% of the exam). Suggested time allocation: 1.75 minutes per question for a total of 70 minutes.)
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2 For each question below, please choose the best answer. Please mark your answers on the Scantron sheet. There will be no credit for multiple-choice answers written on the exam. 1. THIS ARTICLE WAS NOT COVERED THIS SEMESTER. According to the Wall Street Journal article on Bill Gates, he believes that: a. Communism is a better economic system than capitalism. b. It is unrealistic for businesses to expect to be able to do anything to help poor people in developing countries and that firms should, instead, focus on maximizing profits for stockholders so that stockholders will be able to donate more money to charity. c. It is possible for firms to make money on producing products that can be helpful to very poor people in developing countries. d. Most human problems in the world would be solved if Microsoft got a 100% share of the software market around the world. e. None of the above. 2. The Aluminum Industry Association has run advertisements claiming that soft drinks in aluminum cans will tend to cool down faster in a refrigerator than ones in plastic bottles will. This ad series: a. Represents a two-sided appeal. b. Appears to be aimed at adding a belief to current consumer attitudes. c. Is an example of “mere exposure.” d. All of the above. e. None of the above. 3. An “A” paper written for this class is less likely than an “F” paper to: a. Explicitly state the reasoning behind conclusions reached. b. Tailor the analysis to the actual needs of the venture in question rather than writing about firms in general. c. Use the term “etc.”
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MT_II--Sp08-A--F08_comments-1 - University of Southern...

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