Exam 4 - Final exam April 30th from 12:45 2:45 102 Conrad...

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Final exam April 30 th from 12:45 – 2:45 102 Conrad Exam 4 Day 1 Affirmative social science 1. Mental health promotion to compliment ongoing efforts to prevent/ treat mental illness/ problematic/ maladaptive behavior a. Health promotion: pre-eminent goal of treatment b. Mental Health (surgeon general, 1999) i. Successful performance of mental functioning and environmental processing ii. Adaptive/ productive activities and relations with others iii. Capacity for adaptation to adversity c. General belief: absences of mental illness is the presences of mental health i. Mental health/ illness are distinct and correlated ii. Reorientation: build competency, not just correcting weakness 1. Absences of mental illness (health) does not imply presence of mental health (illness) 2. Mental health: A complete state a. Free of psychopathology b. Presence of high levels of emotional psychological and social well-being Day 2 2. Only small portion of those free of psychopathology are mentally health a. Categories i. Mental illness: Presence of diagnosed disturbance ii. Languishing: absence of both mental illness and health 1. Significant impairment in psychological/ social functions 2. Functioning comparable to depression iii. Flourishing: free of illness and presence of affirmative capacities of adaptive functioning 1. Reaching for vital environmental engagement: flow/ meaningfulness 3. Quality of attention paid to world affect the nature of interaction and quality of subjective experience a. Understanding nature/ causes of competency of flourishing can provide insights for health promotions b. Usual focus on distant outcomes rather then achievements that produce these outcomes Dimensions of mental health: Flourishing affirmation 1. Positive emotions (motional well-being) a. Adaptive affect: Regularly i. Cheerful ii. Calm/ peaceful iii. Interested in life b. Avowed quality of life
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i. Mostly satisfied with life (overall and/or specific domains) 2. Positive psychological functioning (psychological well-being) a. Self acceptance i. Growth enhancing attitudes toward self ii. Acknowledges inconsistencies iii. Enjoy most parts of the self b. Life Purpose i. Life structure coherent and gratifying ii. Life course providing direction and meaning c. Personal Growth i. Invites conflict and challenge ii. Insight into personal potential iii. Sense of continued consistent development d. Environmental Mastery i. Select, manage and create personal contexts to achieve goals e. Autonomy i. Guided by socially accepted and internalized standards f. Adaptive social relations i. Warmth, acceptant and stable ii. Trusting and reliable Day 3 Flourishing 1. Positive social functioning (social well being) a. Acceptance i. Positive cognitions toward variation ii. International acknowledge differences iii. Celebrates diversity in self and others b. Actualization i. Belief in potential ii. Inevitability of growth iii. Anticipation of change c. Contribution i. Activities as useful and valued
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Exam 4 - Final exam April 30th from 12:45 2:45 102 Conrad...

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