ISS210 exams - Exam#1 interpersonal 1 tends to weaken our...

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Exam #1 interpersonal 1. ___ tends to weaken our internalized commitment to a line of action a)Forced Compliance 2. in the state of agency, the self is: a) an instrument for another 3. in an authority situation, moral behavior is defined in terms of: a) competent compliance 4. regarding obedience to authority, which statement is false? c) commands and consequences are critical reviewed 5. which of the following is not a concern of general education? d) disciplinary purity 6. general education's goal would not include development of: d) career preparation 7. learning emphasizes: c) understanding of the established 8. ____ is not a result of a distorted emphasis on individuality: b) societal balance 9. persuasion is ___ influence: c) purposeful 10. fixed action patterns are not: d) critical and self-reflective 11. when two objects with similar attributes are presented in a sequence, our perception of the second is dependent on our perception of the first. This principle is the ___ effect: b) contrast 12. automatic responses are least likely in ___ situations: c) personally significant 13. reciprocity only works when a prior sense of ___ has been established: c) obliged indebtedness 14. to establish reciprocity, all that is necessary is for the “gift” to be: received 15. in the “rejection-retreat” strategy, the retreat position must be seen by the target as a: a) concession 16. underlying the power of many influence techniques is the desire to reduce: b) dissonance 17. when two elements are incompatible, the personal experience is one of: c) dissonance 18. acting consistently tends to ___ past choices: b) validate 19. liking tends to increase when rival groups are placed in __ situations. b) cooperative 20. things seem more valuable when they are: d) scarce 21. the threat of loss, particularly in __ circumstances, plays a particularly powerful role in decision making: a) uncertain 22. regarding psychological reactance, which statement is false? c) we will struggle harder to retain that which we have than to gain that which we do not have 23. when we are in the company of significant others and are uncertain regarding what to do, we often: a) do what others are doing 24. social proof works best when validation is provided many others and when: a) immediate action is required 25. the principle behind liking, as an influence technique, is: a) self projection Exam #2
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1. Which statement is false? e) external conflict reduces cohesion and the sharing of
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  • Spring '08
  • Zimmerman
  • social isolation, Cult, Altered state of consciousness, environmental control, mind control, deprogramming

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ISS210 exams - Exam#1 interpersonal 1 tends to weaken our...

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