Key_Learning_Terms - Key Learning Terms (Lahey, 2007,...

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Key Learning Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 6) Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov, 1849 – 1936) unconditioned vs. conditioned stimulus Unconditioned-(meat powder) this is a stimulus that can elicit the response without any learning; response to unconditioned stimulus is inborn Conditioned- a stimulus that comes to elicit responses as a result of being paired with an unconditioned stimulus unconditioned vs. conditioned response Unconditioned- an unlearned, inborn reaction to an unconditioned stimulus Conditioned- a response that is similar or identical to the unconditioned response that’s elicit by conditioned stimulus acquisition, refers to the first stages of learning when a response is established. In classical conditioning, acquisition refers to the period of time when the stimulus comes to evoke the conditioned response. extinction, a learned response stops coming back because the aspect of the environment that originally caused the learning changes spontaneous recovery-temporary increase in the strength of a conditioned response:
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Key_Learning_Terms - Key Learning Terms (Lahey, 2007,...

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