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Obedience to authority Six bases of social power Rewards : providing positive outcome Coercion : providing negative outcome Expertise : special knowledge—differential only when task is needed. Example with him on boat with engineers, he follows orders, but gives orders when they need relationship advice Information : message content, blackmail Referent power : identifying with others. People doing something just to please others. Like little bro following big bro, bigger bro has referent power. Leaders usually have this like Bush and Clinton, etc. Legitimate Authority : influencer’s right to make request. Like policeman, judges, doctors, etc. Institutionally based power within a community. In family structure, for example, parents would have the legitimate authority because they are the heads of the family. Most famous example of Obedience to Authority is the milligram study. Stanley Milligram at Yale and following Nuremburg trials, wanted to see if it is a German thing or a human thing to follow orders
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Unformatted text preview: Fundamental attribution error that German’s were weak. Teachers had nightmares in the study, etc. If done in groups and other teachers refused, then rate dropped from 65 to 10%. Social comparison—if others kept going. ..90%. If experimenter leaves and the teachers told you to continue-20%, if participants got to choose own level of shock, then 3% conclusions : we are born and taught to obey from very young age Other classic obedience studies: Death dealing nurses —nurses giving lethal doses on doctor’s orders 50-55% did it even though they knew it was harmful and doctors told them to do it over the phone. Security uniform study —office parking lot with meters, planted car and had meter expire. Open spot next to it, when car w/ one person comes in 55% of people fed other car’s meter if someone came in a suit, vs 85% when it was a guard. Again, we just do stuff when authority figures tell us to do stuff. It becomes a heuristic....
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