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March 23 Group Behavior: intragroup behavior (within group) Group polarization/ risky shift Individual attitudes or behavior tends to become more extreme if the person is embedded within a group. Typically this is a group that is similar. For example, you are liberal, go to liberal club, now you are even more liberal or extremely liberal -normative social influence- when you are embedded in a group of similar minded people, there is more pressure to follow the group on the whole. Also, from pressure to fit in you may try to do whatever the group is doing. When you become embedded in this groups opinions and stuff you get bombarded with information… so what? -Informative social influence Group behavior: groupthink : deterioration of mental efficiency reality testing, and judgment that results from in-group pressures… example given was the kennedy fiasco with the bay of pigs w/ cuba and fidel castro. . also Columbia space shuttle explosion Variables effecting: Central leader - gives the final go ahead, is the president or CEO, etc. Gatekeeper
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