feb 25 2 - Attitudes the tendency to evaluate...

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Attitudes: the tendency to evaluate objects/issues favorably or unfavorably. Components : primary component: Evaluation (affective component) emotional component of an attitude. Think in a positive, negative, or neutral way…The overall opinion. Belief : (cognitive component) knowledge structure made up of beliefs about the concept. Negative beliefs equal negative evaluation. Behavior - look at this as reflection of attitude… or it could be a component or element of your attitude and sometimes behavior is not from attitude only. .??????????????????????? Best reflection of an attitude is behavior. Very similar to schemas – they are attitudes Structure and evaluation issues apply Attitudes are stable once formed, there are central nodes (like physical appearance on first glance)… tend to form attitudes quickly, look for info consistent with that attitude, avoid info that is inconsistent. However, may have many beliefs but usually one overall feeling (which could be tough to change). There are central nodes: physical appearance could shape your attitude about them.
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feb 25 2 - Attitudes the tendency to evaluate...

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