april 6 - Interpersonal Attraction: Physiological...

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Interpersonal Attraction: Physiological approaches - Pheromones : in other species it is related with readiness to reproduce. In humans it is much more inconclusive. Girl did a study on pheromones taking advantage of the common belief that women who live together tend to have similar menstrual cycle. She put swabs of sweat from other women under other women’s noses. After 3 months their menstrual cycle matched… When women are going through estrus, they liked rugged looking men. When not in estrus they liked baby-faced men. Took photos of women while in mestrual cycle vs not and had other people rate their provacativeness. If going through estrus, they were said to look more provocative. -(physiological) Arousal: we use this as a cue that we are attracted to someone. Sweaty palms increased breathing, etc. -Bridge study done at park overlooking a huge gorge. There was an old rickety wood bridge… farther up the park was a sturdy concrete bridge. They had a chick ask people questions, after they passed her they told them that this was a study on how attracted men were to her, gave him her number, etc. The men got more arousal from the
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april 6 - Interpersonal Attraction: Physiological...

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