April 20 - Aggression variables affecting...

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April 20, 2009 Aggression: variables affecting 1Physiological -arousal (autonomic nervous system) -pain, heat, noise -alcohol and drugs -testosterone, male sex hormone Jim dabs at Georgia state… take a picture of somebody with high testosterone and they are less like smile, more likely to have tattoos, have exciting jobs (like fireman). Affects women as well. 2 Individual Level -Genetics -species bred for violence -Identical twin: when one is aggressive the other usually is too, unlike siblings. Better correlation than fraternal twins -Personality -Type A, narcissism- behave aggressively when their greatness isn’t being recognized, low empathy, high need for achievement and power. Socially dominant… much more aggressive. anti-social charming, smart, but very destructive. No sympathy. most aggressive, no empathy. Psychopaths. Don’t see them coming -Trait Aggressive, as a personality trait. Less success. -Cognitive Structures -some have more Aggressive schemas -Priming studies (weapons effect). Weapons present makes you more
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April 20 - Aggression variables affecting...

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