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march 30 - use that to find the cheese Cognitive...

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Large scale space—whats in an environment, what are the landmarks… Where are the landmarks… How do we get there, get around stuff. What and where pathways Temporal lobe is what/object Parietal is where/landmark Ventral what pathway Primary visual areas Maguire et al. Route (memory/virtual) versus object (Statue of liberty) Navigational network is in the parietal cortex a (sup. Parietal precuneus Posterior cingulated (retrosplenial cortex Parahippocampus, etc. Palce and response learning____ Packard and Mcgaugh—T maze. Teach rat to find chese Remove cheese, mouse takes same path, take left for example .if your flip everything the rat will turn right (his left) Stimulus-response presentations—formed by repetition of the same action repeatedly. The representations are inflexible, but very efficient and fast-ballistic. Place learning mechanism. If there is something different like color of wall, they will also
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Unformatted text preview: use that to find the cheese. Cognitive map—formed by making use of cues in environment, like blue wall, representation that can be used flexibly like new approach and detours. This is thought to be the dominant way we find ish. Intact rats can be place or response learners. There is individual preference, but over time they tend to be response learners. Place learning – hippocampus of rat. Response learning – caudate, basil ganglia. Place vs response learning in humans. Spatial—hippocampal activation If you are not so good at spatial you show activation in caudate. Create tasks that resembles place and response learning Validate behavior by…. Place learning has smaller learning curve Monkeys—all ego centric...
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  • Spring '09
  • Dr.Rapp
  • temporal lobe, pathways Temporal lobe, visual areas Maguire, retrosplenial cortex Parahippocampus, Large scale space—whats

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march 30 - use that to find the cheese Cognitive...

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