4 - 15 - Sadato studything with blind and normal sighted...

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Sadato study—thing with blind and normal sighted people Blind people from birth or early on get substantial visual cortex stimulation from the non discriminatory and lexical determination tasks (and non substantial stimulation from random brain dots too). Normal sighted people did not get any V1 stimulation from the braile dots TAKE HOME POINT? The blind people’s brain adjusted v1 to respond to braile? Somatosensory limitation (plasticity): Peripheral manipulations (changing the input/stuff that send info to brain) Amputation Syndactyly Enrichment/practice result with monkey with amputated digit was remapping. Digit 3 neurons started responded to digits 2 and 4. Smaller receptor fields in areas. This means more acute feelings? More sensitive areas??? What does it feel like? We don’t know, but we think it could feel like a phantom limb. Referred sensation—you feel the amputated body part on another part of your body, like you feel your finger touched when in fact your shoulder is touched. The guy ramashandran worked on felt referred sensations on his face, shoulders and forearms. These referred sensations were very systematically laid out. Topographically organized… adjacent areas on body were next to each other in cortex Sensitive to touch and temperature, sharp boundaries?, stable and repeated testing SYNDACTYLY is basically attached digits. When digits were attached, you get
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4 - 15 - Sadato studything with blind and normal sighted...

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