06413_06 - F F1 (rst lial generation) The rst generation of...

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F F 1 ( Ü rst Ü lial generation) The Ü rst genera- tion of offspring resulting from an ar- ranged cross between * homozygous parents in breeding experiments. See monohybrid cross . F 2 (second Ü lial generation) The second generation of offspring in breeding ex- periments, obtained by crosses between individuals of the * F 1 generation. See monohybrid cross . Fabry–Pérot interferometer A type of * interferometer in which monochro- matic light is passed through a pair of parallel half-silvered glass plates produc- ing circular interference fringes. One of the glass plates is adjustable, enabling the separation of the plates to be varied. The wavelength of the light can be deter- mined by observing the fringes while ad- justing the separation. This type of instrument is used in spectroscopy. face-centred cubic (f.c.c.) See cubic crystal . facilitated diffusion The transport of molecules across the plasma membrane of a living cell by a process that involves a speci Ü c transmembrane carrier ( see transport protein ) located within the plasma membrane but does not require expenditure of energy by the cell. The carrier combines with a molecule at one face of the membrane, then changes shape so the molecule is moved through the membrane and released at the oppo- site face. It enables the diffusion through the membrane of molecules that other- wise could not pass through. Compare ac- tive transport . fac-isomer See isomerism . factorial The product of a given num- ber and all the whole numbers below it. It is usually writen n !, e.g. factorial 4 = 4! = 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 24. Factorial 0 is de Ü ned as 1. Factor VIII (antihaemophilic factor) One of the blood * clotting factors. Factor VIII is a soluble protein that stimulates the ac- tivation of Factor X by Factor IXa, which in turn converts * prothrombin to throm- bin, thus causing the Ü brin matrix of a blood clot to form. * Haemophilia is due to a de Ü ciency or defect of Factor VIII and is treated by administration of blood plasma or plasma concentrate containing the factor. Factor VIII can now be ob- tained from genetically engineered cell cultures. Such preparations avoid the risk of contamination with viruses, notably HIV (the AIDS virus). FAD ( Û avin adenine dinucleotide) A * coenzyme important in various bio- chemical reactions. It comprises a phos- phorylated vitamin B 2 (ribo Û avin) molecule linked to the nucleotide ad- enine monophosphate (AMP). FAD is usu- ally tightly bound to the enzyme forming a Û avoprotein . It functions as a hydrogen acceptor in dehydrogenation reactions, being reduced to FADH 2 . This in turn is oxidized to FAD by the * electron trans- port chain, thereby generating ATP (two molecules of ATP per molecule of FADH 2 ). faeces Waste material that is elimi- nated from the alimentary canal through the * anus. Faeces consist of the indi- gestible residue of food that remains after the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients and water have taken place, together with bacteria and dead cells shed from the gut lining.
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06413_06 - F F1 (rst lial generation) The rst generation of...

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