Iss 210 2-19-07 - 2-19-07System Functions:Primary goals:...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-19-07System Functions:Primary goals: Yellow = side note1)Preservation of group stability and continuity.a.Normative controlb.Feedback: absents of negative feedbackc.Boundary control functiond.Conversioni.Internal: Transformation and monitoring [socialization and normative control]e.Stable group is a cohesive group to interact with each otheri.External: Feedback and boundary control [information and non-group exchange]f.Negative feedback: not working well to the environment that you are working at. Like riding a bike. Not perfectly balanced it will cause forced change.g.Cults: restrict negative feedback from external sources so that the people will not try to correct themselves2)Generalized goal: preparation of adherents for messianic end timesa.Dissolution projection (f)i.Congruence: personal needs and system directions1.Identify what is important to use or we relay on others to tell us what is important for us to believe2.When a group takes you to where you want to be will not likely be dissolvedii.Stable network of interpersonal affiliationiii.Continuity of congruent linkages between institutions.1.Degree though these mechanisms: needs that they respond to, attracted to, affiliation to the group, will help keep group togetherb.Phases of institutional developmenta.Have a great tendency of being dissolved in the earlier state so that the extremes happen in the beginningii.Initial stage: Undifferentiated roles (except-> leader [power] and follower [dependently]) iii.Mid-range: differentiation of subgroupsa.Subgroups in earlier stage is very bad. It could kill or destroy the group. If men and women get together the will become attached to each other (have sex), or an attraction more then physical....
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Iss 210 2-19-07 - 2-19-07System Functions:Primary goals:...

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