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Unformatted text preview: Preface This fi fth edition of A Dictionary of Science , like its predecessors, aims to provide school and fi rst-year university students with accurate explanations of any unfamiliar words they might come across in the course of their studies, in their own or adjacent disciplines. For example, students of the physical sciences will fi nd all they are likely to need to know about the life sciences, and vice versa. The dictionary is also designed to provide non-scientists with a useful reference source to explain the scienti fi c terms that they may encounter in their work or in their general reading. At this level the dictionary provides full coverage of terms, concepts, and laws relating to physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, palaeontology, and the earth sciences. There is also coverage of key terms in astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, biotechnology, and computer technology. In addition, the dictionary includes: • over 160 short biographical entries on the most important scientists in the...
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