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Table of Units Quantity Symbol MKS CGS BE Comments Length L meter (m) centimeter (cm) foot (ft) displacement, distance Mass M kilogram (kg) gram (g) slug not the same as weight, resistance to a Time t second (s) second (s) second (s) Area A m 2 cm 2 ft 2 Volume V m 3 cm 3 ft 3 Density ρ kg/m 3 g/cm 3 slug/ft 3 Velocity v m/s cm/s ft/s derivative of position Acceleration a m/s 2 cm/s 2 ft/s 2 derivative of velocity Volume Flow Rate VFR m 3 /s cm 3 /s ft 3 /s GPM and CFM also common Mass Flow Rate MFR kg/s g/s slug/s Force F Newton dyne pound Energy/Work E, W 1 Joule = 1 N m 1 erg = 1 dyne cm foot-pound
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Unformatted text preview: Power P 1 Watt = 1 J/s erg/s ft-lb / s Rate of doing work or converting energy Momentum p kg m/s g cm/s slug ft/s Angular Position θ radians radians degrees Angular Velocity ω rad/s rad/s deg/s How fast it's turning Angular Acceleration α rad/s 2 rad/s 2 deg/s 2 How fast ω is changing Torque τ N m dyne cm ft lb Effective turning or twisting force Moment of Inertia I kg m 2 g cm 2 slug ft 2 Resistance to α Angular Momentum L kg m 2 rad/s g cm 2 rad/s slug ft 2 deg/s Pressure P 1 Pa = 1 N/m 2 dyne / cm 2 lb / ft 2 PSI, in(Hg), mm(Hg), Bar also common...
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