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Spring 2008 Study Guide for First Hour Exam AND Topics for sections 2/28-3/27 The hour exam will be on April 2. From now till then our section meetings and the on line quizzes will be directed towards preparing you for the exam. Here’s a study guide for the examination and a list of section topics for the weeks leading up to the exam. NB: There will be no section meeting on April 3. Study Guide for the Hour Exam : The exam will take place in class on April 2. You will the entire class period to complete the exam, although you will almost certainly not need that much time. The exam will have a short answer part, for which you will answer two questions and an essay part for which you will answer two question. For each part you will have some choice of which question(s) to answer. Here are some essay questions. Your choice on the hour examination will be from a subset of these questions 1. The evidential indistinguishability thesis figures prominently in the basic empiricist argument that knowledge of unobservable "theoretical entities" is impossible. What is the e.i.t.? How does it support the empiricist claim that knowledge of unobservables is impossible? Explain why it is necessary to formulate the e.i.t. in a version which refers to "total sciences" in order to make it a plausible principle about experimental evidence.
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Study_guide_and_section_topics.08 - Philosophy/S&TS 381...

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