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MT204 quiz 9 - deposition in the intima of a muscular...

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Ischemia is: A) arterial perfusion falling short of metabolic tissue needs The most important risk factor associated with atherosclerosis is: age Atheromatous plague is another term for fibrolipid placque which is a pocket of lipid material deposited in the intima of a musclar artery that is surrounded by a connective tissue with a cap rich in collagen. True There is an evironmental risk for atherosclerosis that comes from the diet, that is because the lipids deposited in the intima are from the LDL in the plasma. True The initial "injury" suggested in your objectives that leads to the fibrolipid plaque is lipid
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Unformatted text preview: deposition in the intima of a muscular artery and the subsequent oxidation of the lipid. True The health risk of having fibrolipid plaques (atheromas) is when injured a thrombus can result. True Platelet release can lead to the initiation of the clotting cascade. True A thrombus is the same as a clot. False If you have a hemostasis event that includes platelets and proteins from the coagulation cascade, you have: a thrumbus...
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