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Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering Computer Science Division — EECS Spring 2004 J. Kubiatowicz Handout #0, Survey Student Questionnaire: Required to be in Class CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering Please answer the following questions, attach a photograph of yourself, and return the survey in class next Wednesday (9/5). It will help us get acquainted with you individually and better gauge the mix of backgrounds in this course: Name: Student ID number: Email: WWW page: Local Phone: Major/Degree/Year: Please Attach Picture Here Circle CS152 Discussion Section: 101 (Th 10am-12am), 102 (Th 4pm-6pm) Give the semester taken and instructor name for the following prerequisites. If you received credit for an equiv-
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Unformatted text preview: alent course, please explain: CS 61C (Machine Structures): CS150 (Logic Design): Please give us a secret, 12-digit ID number (NOT YOUR SID!). We will use this for distributing grades. Note that if you neglect to give us a code, or if you use your SID, then you will not be able to get your grades prior to end of term! Secret code: Computing equipment that you use at your campus address (processor type & speed, memory size, disk space, operating system): [BACK] What are your main plans after graduation: Industry, Masters or Ph.D.? In what field? What do you hope to learn in this course? Please give a couple of advanced topics – I might consider them. Any other comments or questions?...
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handout0_survey - alent course please explain CS...

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