Consistent procedures regulations and policies

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Unformatted text preview: lose channels channels Order Equity Esprit de corps Job descriptions Job Written rules, decision Written guidelines, and policies guidelines, Consistent procedures, Consistent regulations, and policies regulations, Staffing and promotion based Staffing on qualification on Fundamentals of Bureaucracy of Chain of Command Rules & Regulations Set Up by Function B oss V ic e P r e s id e n t S u p e r v is o r Communication = Minimal E m p lo y e e Departmentalization Departmentalization Skill Development Economies of Economies Scale Scale Good Coordination Lack of Communication Employees Identify with Employees Department Department Slow Response to Slow External Demands External Narrow Spets Centralization vs. Decentralization Centralization Increased Uniformity Less Duplication Maximum Control Lots of Policies & Lots Procedures Procedures Many Layers/Slower Informed Decisions Worker Responsibility Few Layers/Faster Loss of Control Possible Duplication Span of Control...
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