23 you will deduce the answer n n x na if two atoms

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Unformatted text preview: t In DLM 3.2.3 you will deduce the answer: # n-n = ?? x NA If two atoms are not touching do they still contribute to Ebond ? M. Chertok, Physics 7A 18 Particle Model of Ethermal Remember: thermal energy is due to microscopic random motion For solids, liquids: atoms are “stuck” in place, but oscillate in how many different directions? More or less motion as T increases? T is the indicator for thermal energy For gases, what is the motion? Translational, in 3 directions Equipartition: count the ways an atom can store energy These are called “modes” M. Chertok, Physics 7A 19 Equipartition Ethermal/mode ∝T Actual formula is Ethermal/mode = ½kBT kB is Boltzmann’s constant kB = 1.38 x 10-23 J/K Most of next week is practicing counting #modes This allows us to determine the total Ethermal M. Chertok, Physics 7A 20 Additional info Quiz 5 next Friday Through DLM 09 including followups in DLM10 Reading (just a reminder) Read and re-read Chapter 3 Start Ch. 4 Practice problems will start appearing on website No solutions No claim that these are like future quizzes M. Chertok, Physics 7A 21...
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