ECE102_W08_Quiz1 - for question 1) . Do not scribble them...

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ECE102 Quiz 1 Winter 2008 1 Student ID Name (Last, First) Score Question 1 (0 points): Which prerequisite sequence did you take (and finish in a satisfactory manor i.e. C- or above, counting as a prerequisite for ECE102)? – you can answer this question by coloring the appropriate bubble. O ECE45, ECE65 O ECE60A, ECE60B, ECE60L O ECE53A, ECE53B O ECE260A, ECE264A, ECE230A O Equivalent courses O None of the above Question 2 (1 + 1 + 2 = 4 points): j A = 1 2 π = j e B ω + = j H ) ( (a) Find the magnitude of () B A (b) Find the phase of B A (c) The function H above is a complex function of . All on the same plot, sketch the real part, the imaginary part and the magnitude of H versus . In a different plot, sketch the phase of H versus . 15 Q1 ---- Q2 Q3 Q4 For those answers that are not a graph or drawing, you have to put a box around your result . You may lose credit if you don’t. Write your answers on the separate blank pages (except
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Unformatted text preview: for question 1) . Do not scribble them on these question pages. Write your steps in a logical order, not quasi-randomly placed on the page. We will not go hunting for your answers. ECE102 Quiz 1 Winter 2008 2 Question 3 (1 + 3 + 2 = 6 points): (a) Copy circuit 1 on your answer pages and indicate the + and terminals such that the circuit operates correctly (i.e. in negative feedback). (b) For circuit 1, find the voltage V out1 . (b) For circuit 2, if i 2 = 2 sin( t) mA, find the voltage V out2 . Question 4 (2 + 1 + 2 = 5 points): (a) Find V B V A . (b) Find V B V C . (c) What is the power absorbed by R 1 when R 1 = 1 k ? Circuit 1 2 V 1 k 1 k A B 1 mA 1 k C 5 V V out1 1 k 2 k 2 k 2 V 1 k R 1 1 k 1 k V out2 5 k Circuit 2 2 k + _ i 2 2 k...
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ECE102_W08_Quiz1 - for question 1) . Do not scribble them...

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